We, the people of Nigeria and Nigerian Americans in the State of Oregon, and Southwest Washington State.



The NCOSWA membership is open to any Nigerian by birth,marriage, or naturalization,or a Nigerian-American (a Nigerian native who is a naturalized citizen of the United State of America,the child(ren) of a Nigerian,or Nigerian-American who is/are US citizen(s) by birth), of good character. An individual, who does not qualify for regular membership by the established criteria, may be admitted as an honorary member, having duly applied, and upon recommendation of the Executive Board, and approval by the general assembly of the House. An eligible person becomes a member by paying annual dues and levies. If a potential member is unemployed, dues and levies shall be deferred until employment is secured.
The NCOSWA meets every last Saturday of the month (January to October). The Annual Meeting and Christmas Holiday Party of the organization are held in November and December, respectively at a venue, date and time normally determined by the House. Each member is encouraged to host a meeting during the calendar year. Although, hosting an NCOSWA meeting by a member is highly recommended, it is not mandatory, and is done through the individual’s generosity to the Organization.
The NCOSWA accords to its financial members the following benefits and privileges.
  • ​ The right to vote and to be voted in for an elective office of the Organization.
  •  ​The right to receive free of charge, any information made available to NCOSWA by agencies – private or public.
  • ​ The right to receive emergency assistance when needed, from established Emergency Fund of the Organization.
  • ​Honorary members shall not pay dues but may make voluntary and generousdonation to the Organization. Such a member may participate in discussions on the floor but may not so participate in House resolutions, and may not exercise any rights or privileges to stand for elected office in the Organization.